Welcome to the YEN Golf Program

Terms & Conditions

To help us provide you with quality services under the YEN Golf program, please accept the below terms and conditions.

A participant is only allowed to miss a maximum of two sessions out of the total of eight sessions. A make up for the two sessions will be offered at no extra cost provided the participant communicated in advance about missing the sessions.

If a client misses more than 2 classes, they’ll need to pay a damage/penalty fee amounting to 50% of the original fee to join the immediate next cohort.

Upon failure to join the immediate next cohort, a client will be required to pay the full amount to join a cohort of their own preference.

Participants are allowed to come for practice an hour before start of sessions on Sundays and can also stay to practice after the sessions for an unlimited period after a session with the coach.

In case of damage of golf clubs, the participant will be charged Ksh.2,000/= to enable us cater for the repairs/replacements. The coach will provide sufficient knowledge in relation to handling of the clubs to avoid such eventualities.

Photos and videos will be taken during the sessions for individual assessment and exclusively for promotion of the YEN Golf program on its social media platforms and website.


Cohort 74 runs from Friday 31st May 2024