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After successfully joining, participating and graduating from a YENGolf Cohort, what next? YENGolf will guide your progression towards Getting Your Handicap in a streamlined process.
NB: Exclusive for YENGolf Alumni

As a reminder, a golf handicap or handicap index is a numerical score that measures a golfer's playing ability. Handicaps help level the playing field and allow players of different skill levels to compete fairly against one another. The handicap system enables golfers of all abilities to play together and have a good time.

A golf handicap represents the number of strokes a player is expected to take above or below the course's par score. The higher the handicap, the more strokes a player is allowed to subtract from their actual score to determine their net score. A lower handicap indicates a more skilled golfer who is expected to have a lower net score.

The YENGolf Handicap Package includes:

YENGolf Virtual Membership for 1 Year

CDH ID & Handicap Facilitation

3 Handicap Rounds - 18 Holes

Evaluation Round with Golf Pro

KGU Affiliation Fees

Weekly Club Nights

YENGolf Merchandise

Charges: Kshs 55,500

NB: Exclusive for YENGolf Alumni

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